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Check out the babe with the funky strut. She's wearing Glamorous Gams by Karla. Glams is a mildly irritating vintage word used to describe the legs. These won't bag or sag. . .it's like buying a girdle for the gams. There's a coupon guarantee from the International Institute of Pantyhose. Now you know Glamour Gams are a wise choice.


Little Prune was a brand with the nude heel flattery. Why would they name pantyhose little prune? Were they the color of prunes? Luckily, there's an entire paragraph devoted to these concerns. Here's a package quote:

    "Sure it's a ridiculous name. We admit it. You'll also admit that Little Prune pantyhose will look slightly ridiculous to you when you take them out of the package. All wrinkled and shapeless, like a little prune."
Now we get it! But who wants wrinkled and shapeless prune legs?
No wonder this brand didn't survive.


Here's a cool package design featuring a sweater babe that reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Everybody didn't get to be a star like Audrey, and here's the fate of one in particular, banished to modeling no-name 'hose. At least I thought these were no-name 'hose. In very small print I finally found the manufacturer name.
It's Shulte and Deickhoff.
Yes, it was better that decided to keep the name hidden.



Now here's one to keep me in the pantyhose critic business. What is it about these Legs that seem a little off? Maybe it is the air brushed breasts. Maybe it is the stupid sub name, Krinkle Wrinkle. This generic brand was scamming the general public into thinking these were L'eggs brand pantyhose. . .is that most disturbing?
No. The most disturbing thing is that they were guaranteed for 30 days of wear, just return the enclosed "warranty certificate' with your worn hose.



Now here's the real thing, from the real L'egg's pantyhose. They wanted to make sure you knew the flat package above had nothing to do with them. In this ad there's a sketch of the revolving leg egg nest, a picture of a L'eggs egg on the sugar package in the ad, and a pantyhose model who looks like she just hatched the egg in her hand. Yup, no flat packages here, plus twenty-five cents off some sugar, honey. What a sweet deal.

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