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Every hem line, pants leg width, and shoe height became accepted along with a causal and sexy dressing including jogging suits, sneakers, message t-shirts and hot pants. The mass use of polyester was commonplace and denim was studded, embroidered and embellished. Disco was launched in 1978 and punk style in 1979. Designers included Halston, Missoni, Betsey Johnson, Stephen Burrowns, and Zhandra Rhodes.


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Web Sites about 1970s Fashions and Culture

    Platform Diva: A History of the Platform Shoe

      This great site tells you everything you didn't already know about platform shoes. It offers a low graphics option, but you'll want to see the stunning photos of shoes through history. In addition to seventies styles, there are some from the 1600s, 1930s, and today.

    Totally 70s

      There's not much content but there's plenty of wacky seventies clothes in full color. There's also a collection of scary hairstyles and some pop culture trivia.

    Groovy Juice Virtual Store

      You might enjoy Groovy Juice, my very own web store selling costumes and groovy stage gear from the sixties and seventies. Learn about the trippy styles through photos and illustrations.

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Books About Seventie Fashions and Culture

    Streetstyle : From Sidewalk to Catwalk


    Platform Shoes : A Big Step in Fashion...


    The 1970s (Fashion Sourcebooks)


    Fashions of A Decade: The 1970s
    by Jacqueline Herald

      This colorful take on the seventies is a quick outline of fashions and fads. There are useful photos, mentions of various subcultural styles, and a timeline. Further resources are listed and there廣 also a subject index. This is a good place to start your research, as it includes all major looks.

    Street Style
    by Ted Polhemus

      This is the best book available to explain fashion subcultures in words and pictures. This resource does an excellent job of explaining seventies styles that started on the streets, including punks, glam rockers, goths, and rastafarians. Also has a handy chart to keep all the counterculture straight.

    Great Fashion Designs of the Seventies Paper Dolls
    by Tom Tierney

      This book features leading names of seventies fashion, including Bill Blass, Laura Ashley, and Halston. The designs are drawn from couture and are more tasteful than the disco street styles associated with this decade. It廣 a fun read with detailed descriptions of every outfit on the inside front covers.

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    Fashion Flashbacks - Exploring Retro Style

      If you like this artice you'll appreciate my publication. I have written articles about polyester history issue one that includes an index of popular brand names. There's also a feature on Candies' shoes. In issue two, there廣 an article on Halston written by Daniem Matthews, my well - researched history of pantyhose with seventies images, and a seventies shampoo slogan quiz. Ordering information is on the web site. There廣 also seventies clothing in my exhibit photos.

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Videos About Seventies Fashion and Culture

    Biography - Gloria Vanderbilt


    Fashionable Clothing from the Sears: Late '70s


    Saturday Night Fever

      An influential film on popular culture and fashion that captures and illustrates the disco movement. A must see for those who didn廠 catch it the first time around.

    Thank God It's Friday

      This movie shows a broad range of seventies clothing and hairstyles because of a large cast of extras and disco musicians. For disco die hards, it captures the disco music and social scene with better accuracy than Saturday Night Fever.

    Boogie Nights


    Dazed and Confused

      This film captures the clothes, attitudes, and essence of the seventies. There's also a scene that illustrates the hazards of wearing long bellbottoms with platform shoes. A must see!

    The Brady Bunch Movie

    Very Brady Sequel

      These two full length spoofs of the classic TV show are funny and accurately portray the seventies styles, especially Marsha's outfits. They also offer lots of wry jokes that only Brady insiders could love and thumping soundtracks featuring retro song classics.

    Spirit of '76


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