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Fashion Flashbacks provides resources to vintage fashion consumers while promoting original retro artifacts from the sixties and seventies. We hope to provide an information clearing house for vintage fashion including were to study, research, read about, view, purchase and sell older styles.

We also identify, appraise, locate, rent, sell, promote and research vintage style on a negotiable fee basis for television, movie, and commercial costumers, stores, dealers, scholars, museums, web sites publishers, book publishers, photographers, theatre costume directors, and performing artists. While we specialize in retro styles from the sixties and seventies, our nationwide network of experts, supporters, volunteers, clients, advertisers and friends can assist with most fashion decades through appropriate referals.

For more information or help with a specific concern, e-mail, Lanajean Vecchione, founder of Fashion-Flashbacks or call Lanajean at 650-344-6977.

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** COVER PHOTO CREDIT: This classic illustration from McCalls February 1954 Page 117 is taken from an ad, copyright Industrial Rayon Corporation. The advertisement was for panties made of spun-lo rayon fabric.
Fashion Flashbacks and Groovy Juice Virtual Store are divisions of Platform Publishing created by Lanajean Vecchione. Contact Lanajean if you care to volunteer, advertise, or sponsor our mission to preserve and promote sixties and seventies popular culture and fashion. Lanajean VecchioneOur mailing address: Lanajean Vecchione C/O Platform Publishing, P.O. Box 138, San Mateo, CA 94401.